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Sunday, 11 December 2011

All the good ones are taken

Okay... so believe it or not a a gained the courage to give someone my number today.

I don't know if it was this Vanity fair reese witherspoon go getter personality rubbing off on me or what.
I was wearing a 1950s inspired outfit wih black 1950s peddle pushers, a pink boobtub with bow at the front, black chocker and my hair down secured with black sunglasses....
Anyway.... im at the local shops which the mystery guy always works at and we always share 'stolen glances' at eachother and i thought 'you know what...  i accept that challenge' sooo i jotted my name and digits on a receipt and gave it to him...
It went like this:
me : " hi, this will sound silly but take this. Im ____ "
him :"  ok.....*smile* ... _____"
me: " Bye *smile*"
him: *smile*

So yes... very simple, but it was very cute! OR so i thought....

I got a text about 3 hours later, here it is:

Hey! Its ____. thx for your number you seem really nice. However :S ive recently got a new gf and i didnt know how to tell ou without making the whole situation akward haha so if  date is what u wanted i am sorry but i have to decline for said reason. still say hi when you come through im usually friendly. nice to meet you ___ ."


Alwell i replied with a nice little text back.
I can stil perve at him i guess but i'm not embaressed, angry or anything else except proud that i was confident enough to do it ( since i was a digit virgin ... until now ;) ). I was lucky he was kind and respectful and easy on the eyes so i dont feel so jilted!

Just goes to show manners can still exist and that more girls should take a chance because it may be worth it... whether for a date or a learning lesson.

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