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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Okay, so these days any person can start a blog...

Some people may like that, others might not for me i don't care.
My opinion if you care to know it is this...
I love love love independant blogs - i spend about 60% of my time hitting google with my latest love of movies, fashion or celebrities so when there are blogs dedicated to my interests i say...More the better.
To hell with the boring people.

 I know what you want me to do but I ain't gonna do it so forget it!

Drum roll for introductions please....
Bump ba da daaa....

My name is Auby, and a here abouts is a very brief but in its own way detailed account of the many loves of my life...

Silver screen movies, Rebel love Mr. Marlon brando himself, Victoria secret shows and million dollar bras, Models and Actresses, B grade movies, A grade movies ( in my own opinion ), fads and trends of the 80s, 90s, and all inbetween, cult classic movies that teenagers claim to have discovered.. like every generation does (i.e. plastic wedges, 50s stuff and footloose.. the kevin bacon ( good ) footloose that is, craig brewer im looking at you ).

Well thanks for skimming over this with you eyes, know lets get to the quality stuff

Much rebel love and victoria secret winks to you,

Auby xx

1 comment:

  1. YEAH! Shove dicks u the hater's bums!! Cause I love anything of anyone's own style :D