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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Marlon Brando

"Whose the smile?" "Whats the smile?".... The smile is none other the smile himself...

Mr Marlon Brando
 There. Right there. That's the smile. The smile  nay the face that can make any female weak to her knees. Ladies... not that i should have to tell you, but this is not a man to miss out on and luckily we dont. I'm a advocate for inside beauty too, that Brando has both kinds!

Brando was a handsome actor, player of A list hearts, political activist and a very intelligent person all round. The sex appeal of Marlon Brando stunned people into watching and listening to him in the 1950s onwards, but his voice is what stunned people more.. ( no, not his actual voice although is was sex, masculine and brooding) but.... he was advocate for civil rights, a critic of U.S. foreign policy and is probably most known ( politically speaking) for his role as an infamous activist for Native Americans in the US of A not scared of causing a stir.

I can't stress how much anyone who hasnt seen his movies how much they are missing out...
So i have compiled a list of movies ( in order of my favs ) so you heavy hearted babes can rejoice in the facial expressions, voice and amazing physique of Mr Brando himself....

1. Streetcar named desire
2. The wild one
3. On the waterfront
4. The young lions
5. Julius Ceaser

Theres plenty more to see i admit, but i love love love my Streetcar named desire and The wild one!

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