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Saturday, 10 December 2011

The wig party


Periodic Movies ( preferably victorian period )!!

Marie Antoinette - Kirsten Dunst
Vanity Fair - Reese Witherspoon
The Duchess - Keira Knightly
Elizabeth - Cate Blanchett
The other boleyn girl - Scarlet & Natalie
Shakespear in love - Gweneth Paltrow
Queen Victoria - Emily Blunt

Hmm... yes yes... I lie! Its not a week obsession, its more of a obsession of a general form since i love periodic movies, its the courtship, drama, fashion, makeup, manners and men.
I was defintely born in the wrong era!
BUT never fret as you can always copy cat!
Pretty silks, ribbons, bows, lace and light pastel colours will always work whether in fashion or home decor. Curls and pretty tendrels in the hair will always be in style and can be pinned to look more 'classicly'. Night gowns and floral scented perfume will make you sleep like a 1900s goddess!

KEEP CALM and watch the movies!

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