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Monday, 12 December 2011

What comes after

What comes after  - Steve watkins

Do you you like the name Iris?
Have you ever milked a goat?
 Have you ever been abused into a state of shock?
Have you ever met a boy called Littlebird?
Ever heard of piloerection?

Intigued yet?
Well i really hope you are because if so this book is for you.
Its about a teenage girl named Iris who tragically is pulled away from her loved ones to live a farm life with a Aunt and Cousin. Sound plan? Defintely not. Its a heartfelt book that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat not wanting the book to end. To say the least i was hooked reading it, teared up 3 times, felt like i was the characters so it drew me in and it only took me the day to read it.

I would recommend it to anyone. Even fans of typical twilights and true bloods ( which i am also a BIG fan of ). At first i thought i might not like it because it seemed like a 'real life' read - a book that i feel is to plain to be drawn into because it doesnt have blood suckers and sparkly characters, but i couldnt have been more wrong.

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